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FULLY LOADED OVER NIGHT ADVENTURE CAMP brings the fun, thrill, excitement and simple pleasurable experiences of outdoor camping in your school campus. This fun loaded camp is full of activities that are aimed at self-management and direct learning, which would also break the monotony of the structured schedule of students. The Fully Loaded Over Night Adventure Camp consists of a sequence of adventure and non- adventure activities and tasks throughout the day.

Staying away from home will give the students a sense of independence but they will also face variety of challenges, share responsibilities, work with other students and will learn to manage themselves. This over night camp is packed with delicious healthy meals and everything else that you will want out of an ultimate camping experience in your school premises, from staying in tents, learning about nature, life skills, magic shows to having fun around the bonfire and much more. The camp is executed under trained supervisors and certified instructors to look after your safety at all times.

Our overnight camp along with thrilling adventure activities also has recreational activities, yoga sessions, archery, leadership games, first aid sessions and musical evenings, all in all the Fully Loaded Over Night Adventure Camp is a camping experience which is filled with lots of learning, fun and frolic with the unbeatable gala experience of staying with friends and teachers.

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